I always say to people that if our day is calm and quiet, there’s something wrong. As much as I’d like that to be normal around the cafe, it’s just not us.t’s ‘go go go’ around here most of the time, and thats our “normal”. As you know, all it takes is one little thing to shake everything up. Well, a couple weeks ago, thats exactly what happened. Right in the middle of lunchtime, the phone rang and on most says I wouldn’t be able to answer the phone if it’s to busy, but on that day I was lucky enough that I did. It just so happens that Cafe Latte Cino was chosen as one of the cafes for Majic100 Ottawa’s Coffee House tour. Out of all the amazing coffeehouses and cafes in the city, WE WERE CHOSEN!!! It’s a pretty amazing feeling. Some people say it’s luck and others say it’s hard work paying off. I guess we could say it’s a bit of both.

This coming Monday, April 9th, from 6-9am, Stuntman Stu and Angie Poirier from Majic 100 Ottawa will be doing a live radio broadcast from Cafe Latte Cino. To make it even better, Majic 100 will be treating the first 500 customers to coffees, drinks, pastries and maybe even breakfast until 9am. WOW! People of Orleans, we hope you can come out and help us and the Cafe, give them the warmest welcome, and show them what we are all about here!

We are so excited and honoured. This will be the first time ever for us hosting something like this. We hope we can do you proud. See you Monday!