You are sure to find something on our menu that will please your palate in a way that won’t leave you with an uncomfortable feeling and that will definitely satisfy your appetite.

We believe in fast, healthy and fulfilling meals.


Assorted vegetable platter with dip: S- $48, M- $58 L- $68   

Assorted fruit platter: S- $48, M- $58, L- $68 

Assorted cheese platter: S- $55, M- $65, L- $75 

Assorted premium cheese platter: S- $80, L- $99
– Cheeses, crackers, olives, marinated vegetables, etc.

Assorted Cookies: $36/dozen  

Assorted squares: $52/dozen

Assorted dessert platter: custom order and pricing
– Date squares, buttertarts, triple chocolate brownies, coconut lemon squares, millefeuille, etc…

Assorted baked goods: Custom order and pricing
– Croissants, chocolate croissants, cinnamon buns, fruit breads, muffins, scones, breakfast cookies, biscotti etc….

Creamy spinach dip with Pumpernickel loaf: $48
– Pumpernickel loaf bowl served with cubes for dipping

Mediterranean crudite and dip platter: L- $80
– Herbed yogourt, hummous, baba ghanouj (eggplant)
– Crackers, toasted pita and vegetables

Herbed foccacia pieces with olive tapenade & goat cheese: $36/doz

 Crowd Favorites

Cold cut skewers $4.25 each (min. 12)
– Ham, turkey, cheese, olive, tomato and cucumber

Chicken satays: $4.25 each (min. 12)
– With dipping sauces ,chipotle, tzatziki etc

Seeded crackers with crab salad: $33/doz

Crostini with assorted toppings: $35/doz
– Mango chutney, goat cheese and cranberries
– Brie, maple and pecans
– Bruschetta tomato topping
– Strawberry & cream cheese


Many to choose – $58/bowl

  • Greek
  • Creamy broccoli 
  • Beet
  • Mediterranean chick pea
  • Cumin lentil 
  • Sun dried tomato pasta 
  • Creamy pasta 
  • Garden vegetable 
  • Mushroom & corn 
  • Ceasar
  • Hearts of palm 
  • Artichoke 
  • Potato salad 
  • Lentil & feta
  • Mixed beans
  • Sesame asian noodle salad 
  • Cranberry orange couscous 
  • Fattoush 
  • Cubed fresh fruits


Small: 4 sandwiches (8 pieces) – $40
Medium: 6 sandwiches  (12 pieces) – $58
Large: 8 sandwiches (16 pieces) – $78

All sandwiches can be made on either a wrap or Panini. Feel free to choose your sandwiches or ask us to put together an assortment.

Wraps: plain, whole wheat, sun-dried tomato or spinach
Panini: plain, sesame, poppy, pesto, sun-dried tomato or multigrain
Gluten free sandwich bread is available: Additional $1.00/sandwich



– Sweet & spicy thai – Tuna salad
– Honey garlic – Egg salad
– Cajun – Roast beef & cheese
– Honey mustard – Ham & cheese
– Garlic – Turkey & cheese
– Chipotle – Vegetarian (veg, feta, tzatziki)
– Teriyaki – Roasted veggies & swiss cheese

Barista Boxes
Coffee or tea service to go

Barista Boxes can include any hot or cold beverage.  

Small – $18.90 , Serves up to 15 small cups 

Large – $122.00, Serves up to 70 small cups  

Disposable coffee cups, milk and cream, sugars and stir sticks are all included

Cold Drinks

Juices, soft drinks, bottled water and any other refreshments are also available. Inquire for availability and pricing. 

Fruit & Smoothies

Smoothies – 12 ounce each (minimum order 6/flavor ) $5.50 each  

  • Pink Banana – Strawberry, Banana and apple juice  
  • Creamy Pink Banana – Strawberry, banana and yogurt 
  • Very Berry – Mixed berries, banana and juice 
  • Day break- Apple, carrot, strawberry and banana

Fruit parfaits – $6.95 each (minimum order 6) 

  • yogurt, fresh fruit, granola and muesli with pure honey
Plates, cups, plastic cutlery and any other serving materials can be supplied upon request for an additional charge. Advance notice is required.

Prices are subject to change at any time.