Every sip should be enjoyed until the last drop. With our fresh roasted coffee, we trust you will truly indulge in every cup at Cafe Latte Cino.

Fresh roasted coffee is the only way to go! Our beans come to us fresh roasted from local roasters here in Ontario.

Six different beans have been carefully chosen to offer the best selection and the most diversity to you.

Whether you prefer your coffee milder or a little bolder you’ll have those options every day. We grind on a daily basis. From Italy to Costa Rica and in between we offer balanced choices for you to decide what you’re in the mood for.

Our espresso is unmatched if you ask most. Allow your taste buds to be treated to smooth creamy and flavorful espresso and specialty coffees.

Our staff and baristas produce drinks with just the right amount of foam and froth every time.

4 steps to a perfect coffee:

1- The beans- It’s all about quality and freshness

2- The equipment – our machines have a reputation for quality and precison. Perfect water pressure and milk steaming each and every time.

3- Taking time- Time- precise time, is what you need to produce a rich, velvety and smooth espresso with intense flavor and crema

4- As you like it- We all have different preferences. Allow us to make it your way- the perfect way for you.

Our beans are available for you to take home and enjoy in the comfort of your own surroundings.

  • We package only a few at a time since freshness is key.
  • 2 size formats available in resealable bags
  • Don’t have a grinder? No problem, we’ll grind it for you however you’d like depending on your brewing preference or machine.

Barista Boxes – Coffee Service To Go

Convenient and always fresh! Perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re heading to a friend’s in the morning, you have a business meeting, off to a game or even heading to the camp grounds these coffee boxes are so easy and convenient. Coffee stays nice and hot for up to 3 hours (warm even longer).

Barista Boxes can be used for any almost any type of hot or cold liquid. You can enjoy teas, hot chocolate, even iced lattes if you’d like.

All you need in one package:

Small – (13-15 cups)
Large – (68-70 cups)

All Barista Boxes come with everything that you need to provide full service: cups, milk & cream, sugars and sweeteners and stir sticks.

Order via email at least 48 hours ahead OR less than 48 hours call café to order:

(613) 824-2466

Costa Rica Dark

Bold, rich and smooth! Rarely do you find a coffee that is suited to both light and dark roasts; Costa Rican does this exquisitely! This dark mountainous roast has a mellow, smoky nose with black currant, caramel, hints of clove and deep body.

Costa Rica Light

Mild enough to drink anytime! Renowned for excellent coffee , this Central American varietal has fruity notes with excellent point and a bright finish. A perfect combination of jasmine floral nose, notes of cashews and a light body. Its roasted light to bring out all of its characteristics. It’s a smooth coffee to be enjoyed anytime of the day. Costa Rican rightfully takes its place as one of the world’s top quality producers.

Decaffeinated Dark

Hard to believe its decaf! Fine, high grown Arabica coffee decaffeinated using methods leaving the most flavor while removing 97% of the caffeine. Heavy body with chocolate and caramel notes leaving a smoky finish. For those looking for all the flavour and richness of a full bodied dark coffee but without the after effects of the caffeine. You will be hard pressed to believe this is decaf.

Crema Bar

An espresso for all to enjoy! A bold espresso with an excellent enduring crema and a pleasant lingering aftertaste. Crema Bar is for the European purist looking for a taste off the old country. It holds rich smoky notes, hints of dark chocolate and outstanding body.

Melange 35

Medium blend with strong character! A blend of South and Central American coffees roasted separately to different degrees and then blended together to yield a complex taste profile of both good body and great point. Unique light and dark roasts originating from Nicaragua, Peru and Costa Rica. A hint of cinnamon on the nose. High grown Arabica coffees cultivated at altitudes greater than 1,200 meters ensure the pinnacle of quality. Its like an art-house movie that keeps bringing you back to catch the parts you missed the first time.


Versatile medium roast! Roasted on the cusp of dark where the oils just start to sheen on the beans. Medium roast with hints of cashews. Its an outstanding coffee with a very clean and balanced finish with added notes of lingering caramel. The perfect cup of coffee to start off your day with a croissant or to finish off a gourmet meal in the evening.