High quality desserts, the freshest fruits and vegetables, quality meats and attention to preparation is what allows us to stand out and keep our customers happy and coming back for more..

When you eat at Café Latte Cino your body will love you for it.

We believe in fast, healthy and fulfilling meals. You are sure to find something on our menu that will please your palate in a way that won’t leave you with an uncomfortable feeling and that will definitely satisfy your appetite.


Looking for some vegetarian or meat-free options? Just ask us and we’ll let you in on whats available that day.  We’ve got sandwiches, salads and soups for you.


If you love the sweet and decadent flavored lattes but don’t like all the sugar then we have some sugar-free options available for you as well.


We have many dairy alternatives available for those that are more conscious with their diet either out of preference and/or necessity.

– Regular or non-fat milk

– Soy

– Lactose free

– Almond
– Coconut milk

You can find dairy free sorbets and gelatos as well.


For  those who are sensitive to gluten or who have Celiac disease we offer a  gluten free bread choice for our breakfast or lunch sandwiches.

Depending on the homemade soups being offered that day you may find a gluten free option as well. Feel free to inquire.For the person with a sweet tooth there are a number of decadent gluten free desserts available. From date squares and buttertarts to double dark chocolate three layer cake and many more.

Celiac Disorder

Are you/do you have Celiac disorder or do you have a high-sensitivity to gluten? Let us know when you’re making your choices from the menu and the staff can help you make the right ones. We’ll let you know exactly what is available. If you are Celiac then we definitely need to know so that we can take extra care and caution when we are preparing your food and drink.

Our staff  are well educated about  the steps that should be taken to ensure your food is prepared properly for you to safely enjoy. As we are not, by any means a gluten free environment the risk is always there. We do try our best to accommodate you.  Rest assured that our gluten free desserts and baked goods do come from gluten free bakeries.  The choice is yours and you know yourself best. We make every attempt to accommodate you as best as we can but there is no guarantee that items may come into contact with other items that are not gluten free.

If at any time you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact our management staff at (613) 824-2466.

Eat good feel good
Eat better not less
Eat right feel amazing
Eat to fuel your body
Eat clean be happy
Eat wisely
Eat like you love yourself
Eat healthy feel healthy

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