Higgins & Burke Tea – Wild Harvest Chamomile


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  • 20 tea bags per box
  • It may be harvested from the wild, but our Chamomile Tea is calm and relaxing. Its pure, bright and floral flavour, paired with its soothing aroma, makes every sip of this chamomile tea a taste of relaxation.
  • Higgins & Burke Naturals™ are blended from hand-picked, high-grown tea leaves for outstanding quality and taste. Made without any artificial ingredients – each cup is simply delicious.
  • HOW TO BREW: Bring water to a boil and let cool slightly (80ºC / 175ºF). Pour water (8 fl oz / 240 mL) over tea bag into your favourite cup. Gently let steep (3-5 min.) for perfectly brewed tea.
  • INGREDIENTS: Chamomile


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